Watch Wimbledon Finals Serena Williams vs Simona Halep

Wimbledon 2019 Serena Williams vs Simona Halep

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Stats from head to head matches with Serena Williams vs Simona Halep all indicate that Serena may have this final in the bag.

Serena trashed Simona nine times, lost to her on three occasions and in their previous 2011 Wimbledon game Serena was victorious.

Currently the talk surrounding Simona concerns how good her game is on grass but she still may get a real ass whopping from Serena just like she did on the hard court at the Australian Open in January 2019.

Don’t count Simona out as yet though as tennis is a mental game as much as a physical game. There have been several upsets so far, most notably Venus Williams falling to fifteen year old Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff and defending women’s champion Angelique Kerber lost to Laura Davis in the second round. We are onto the Finals with Serena Williams versus Simona Halep, let us see what happens on Saturday.

Venus Williams vs Cori Gauff Wimbledon 2019 First Round Highlights
Match Point: Angelique Kerber vs Lauren Davis Wimbledon 2019

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