The Naiveté of Spider-Man

People complain that there seems to be a new Spider-Man every week. I admit that I like this iteration of the Web-slinger played by Tom Holland best among the choices, however his school-boyish nature which is normally endearing got the better of him. Peter Parker is insecure with being selected by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and it certainly affects his judgement. Upon his death Mr. Stark gifted several items to Spider-Man including an improved suit, web shooter, most pertinent to this story he left him some high tech glasses.

This becomes painfully evident in Spider-Man Far From Home. Hey I was fooled by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) to an extent as well, he played his ruse well. The sense that he was a savior, but gradually revealed himself as a charlatan plotting revenge on Stark as many former employees have team together to destroy the legacy of Tony Stark. Is this even really about Spider-Man at all. It seems a though Stark’s personality is always bursting through even in death.

How many of us fall for simple much less elaborate hoaxes? Even during the movie Mysterio’s scheme bent the lines of reality, transforming him from savior to super villain. Are you on the edge of making the switch? I am just happy that he came to his senses and battles Mysterio and eventually conquers. Look out for more great adventure movies right here.

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