Is this Sly Stallone’s Escape From Stardom?

How is there an Escape Plan 3? I mean really, and there aren’t sequels to Stallone’s action classics Cliff Hanger or Cobra? This is a travesty! Just in case you missed similar movies click here.

Sylvester Stallone in action

The budget has been going down and so has the prison setting that the characters are set to test. Too infrequent fight scenes paired with a weak story line, makes this movie a challenge to your attention. You could see the budget restrictions in the tacky digital editing as well as limited scene time for stars.

The team has to break out Ray Breslin’s (Stallone) wife-to-be from a dingy gulag. He has some help from several allies including Dave Bautista – who seems to be on a role recently with Stuber also in theatres and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. It is 90 minutes of action, I wouldn’t mind it if it were an orgy of violence with a thin storyline, but it isn’t that either; it is light on material. I just hope there isn’t an Escape Plan 4.

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