Are All Uber Drivers This Stupid?

…All this for an UBER rating?

The vacant look into the dogs eyes tells you everything about Stuber’s plot

How important is an Uber rating any? Well if you ask Stu (the movies hapless protagonist) it means everything! He ends up doing all manner of ill-will but hey, I can’t put all of the blame on Stu (blame the idiotic directors and producers), played by Kumail Nanjiani, as he was under duress by Detective Vic (Dave Bautista).

If you want to watch a stupid movie, that has no real substance then Stuber is the best pick for you this summer. While some of the scenes were truly hilarious the movie was extremely unrealistic which made the comedy seem shallow rather than the work of art that is typical of an Emmy Award winning comedy. Fortunately, it had a few bright spots of fun interspersed with action, which was a saving grace. However too often it felt as if the producers failed miserably at trying to comically recreate the idea of Collateral.

If you listen to anyone who watched the pre-screenings they would tell you that the creators of the film really needed to hire a proper videographer. Not only were scenes that had the potential of being epic blotched by being shot too closely or out of focus but the real talent of the actors like Bautista and Iko Uwais was underused, whats the sense of hiring a  stuntman, fight choreographer, and martial artist like Uwais and not using him fully?

Nonetheless, I totally enjoyed watching this stupid film as sometimes a good lighthearted, senseless action-comedy is exactly what you need when you light up a duby and drink a beer to take your mind off shit like Pizzagate. Also if you were uncertain about using an Uber (where the f#$k do you live) then this is the best film to boost your confidence. So take a load off and watch comedies right here.

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