Wimbledon – Who’s Really Got The Balls?

Balls must always be significantly cooler than the body temperature. The human body is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, these balls in question are a constant 68 degrees Fahrenheit until they are called into action.

When players reach into the pockets of their all white shorts and skirts they are reaching for balls; this goes for women and men alike. There are lots of balls, over 54,000 in total which are used throughout the course tournament. Balls are divided into sets numbering seven to nine balls, so it is safe to say that Wimbledon has more balls than you.  They are all inspected and replaced. Do you like cool balls? When they are not used they are even refrigerated in containers to maintain perfection. You can even augment your natural offering by purchasing a can of three balls for £2.50…Cheap!

Chasing Balls

Imagine fast-moving balls, topping the list is a 148 mph serve by Taylor Dent of the USA. Being a ball retriever calls for a rigorous training process. All 250 boys and girls who are selected must pass various tests. Some of which may seem obvious, for instance, they must work on their fitness, speed, and precision; while others are a bit more peculiar. The candidates must be able to stand still for a minimum of 3 minutes. 

Wimbledon Ball Boy training – Back then circa 1969 

Wimbledon Ball kids training – Now 

The ball boys and girls train up to 2.5 hours per week in military-style sessions, with constant assessments so no slacking is allowed. If they do not meet the high standards of Wimbledon they forfeit their chance to partake in the tournament.

It would be interesting to put a Fitness tracker on these retrieval experts to measure their distance, especially for some of the marathon matches. Wimbledon runs for two weeks from July 1 to July 14 and can be a strange and wondrous place, even the seeding seems confusing to the player. To keep up on the action click the link here.

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