One of these photos is real and one is the game. Can you tell the difference?

Car Livery

Tell me which one is real in the comments below.

Race Action

F1 – The Top Simulation Video Game of the Year. Is F1 2019 better than the real thing?

I can say this unequivocally without reservation, that F1 2019 is the best racing simulation game to date. The game franchise of F1 has been in production since 1976 on the Atari console, that’s incredible. Each year the game’s schematics improve and there seems to be a deliberate plan towards making simulations as realistic as possible.

F1 2019 will be released on June 28, published by Codemasters available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC consoles. Realism permeates the entire game. The haze of Bahrain, the visible tyre wear from your driving position, the physics of pitch, yaw, and roll, the slip of the tyres based on climatic conditions. Included is the feeder system F2 where your career could develop from its infancy. There are some areas that require improvements. The human characters and the developmental process of F2 need special attention within future editions.

The AI is very competitive in the single-player career mode, it is best in class, but even more so you can submerge yourself in the coming esports world with multiplayer functionality.

I can bet you, given the choice between watching a race on television or playing this game, you will choose the game 7 out of 10 times at a minimum. There are 21 tracks available and I love playing this game in testing and you will enjoy it too when it goes on sale later this week. For more games check this link.

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