Ophelia: A Shakespeare Story Without the Typical Sexist Plot

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Daisy Ridley

Hamlet without Sex Aversion? Something is Rotten in the state of Hollywood!

Ophelia 2019 is William Shakespeare’s Hamlet Prince of Denmark through the eyes of the character Ophelia. In the original play, Ophelia is a young woman who is torn between her feelings of adoration for Prince Hamlet and the expectations of her male family i.e. her father Polonius and brother Laertes. Her story is seen from the male perspective, and her plight is secondary to the development of Prince Hamlet’s story.

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Daisy Ridley & George Mackay (Ophelia 2019)

But hold on, Hamlet 2019 (aka Ophelia) finally delivers the twisted play from the eyes of a woman and the story was even renamed, Ophelia.  Lisa Klein, the writer of the novel Ophelia, the book which the 2019 film of the same name is based upon, is a genius. She recognized and delivered upon the intriguing story of Ophelia, who although taking her own life, shows us the struggles of women in the Elizabethan era. Ophelia 2019 should be celebrated by women everywhere, it denotes how far the fight for equality among the sexes has come.  It brings the concept of gender equality into the forefront by taking the spotlight off of the traditionally male lead character of Hamlet and gives the female the precedence. This film is special, bear in mind that in Shakespeare’s day women were not even permitted on stage and the roles of women had to be played by males, (wtf).

Thankfully Ophelia is played by the English actress Daisy Ridley and not some entitled male in a woman’s costume (no offense to Daisy if you were not born a flower). Hopefully, with the advent of this innovative twist we will see more playwrights rewriting Shakespeare’s worn out, outdated concepts and replacing them with contemporary and even revolutionary ideas. This may inject a new life into the dwindling popularity of the theatre and may even spur new interest in literature from the Elizabethan era (yes I’m a hopeless romantic).  

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Clive Owen (Ophelia 2019)

Ophelia will hit cinemas June 28th and already it has tongues wagging among critics, with 63% score on the Tomatometer, based on previewing, a cast that includes everybody’s favorite villain Clive Owen as Claudius and lines that you can actually understand, the movie promises to be intriguing.  If you wanted to catch up on your Shakespeare in a more entertaining way, this definitely is the movie for you. Check this link out if you want to watch more movies like this and remember, “this above all to thine own self be true”, (Hamlet Act1 scene 3) cause you know you are searching for free online movies, and when there is a hot new movie out, THIS is where you should go. It’s up to you. “To be or not to be, that is the question.” (Hamlet Act 2 Scene 1)

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