Toy Story 4 – Are Pixar and Disney Simply Milking Our Hearts or Our Wallets?

Toy story 4

If you are like me, and the legion of Toy Story fans, you would not be at fault for believing that the tale was complete after Toy Story 3. However, Pixar and Disney have suckered us back in with Toy Story 4 and I am wondering whether it is really necessary to make this installment at all? I will answer the simple question for you…yes it is! The franchise still makes money.

Despite its nearly quarter century of existence, the Toy Story experience still feels fresh. The first movie came out in 1995…wait 1995 was near 25 years ago? Omg I have memories of 1995, I was doing stuff and living life in 1995). We saw as Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) watched Andy drive off into the metaphorical sunset as a college-bound adult.

Besides my fixation on the way that the toys transcend the scene into my real life, forcing me to recall my old toys and wonder about their whereabouts and whether they were in fact sentient. I also wonder if I had toys that I cannot even recall who may have felt neglected. Such is the way that Toy Story touches my sensibilities, there is no concept called ‘toydom’, there is only reality through my mind and heart.

Toy Story 4 still feels appealing because there are a host of new characters and new experiences, leading to transitions in the life and purpose of the toys. Some feel lost, but they have found new purpose. I hope that you enjoy Toy story 4. If you want more related content follow our link here. 

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