ANNA – How #metoo almost stopped this femme fatale.

This is an amazing female lead action-packed movie held in limbo due to accusations of serious sexual misconduct by five women against French director Luc Besson; not counting four other separate instances. I find myself conflicted balancing all this smoke with the fiery awesomeness of his movies. Movies which often sport deadly female leads plucked from relative obscurity, think La Femme Nikita, The Fifth Element, Colombiana, Lucy with sequels of the latter two movies announced without release dates.

Sasha Luss as ANNA

Luc definitely loves dangerous women as cast as strong female leads. Anna is an action-thriller following the escapades of one of the world’s most feared government assassins. Think rags to riches except model to assassin. Her striking beauty obscures her deadly strength and skill. Sasha Luss is actually a supermodel-turned-actress in real, so it is art imitating life. A personal favorite scene of the actress involves her beating a fashion photographer with his own camera, complete with the shutter snapping with every strike in its haute couture glory.

Overall, ANNA reminds me of the Bourne Identity films, especially the fight sequences. Experience the action in similar content to this film and enjoy free downloadable movies for yourself at any time.

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