Mother, Father – Please Don’t Fight!

Daughter Of The Wolf – Finally a kick ass Female Action Lead

Daughter Of The Wolf

They wanted the money, but they messed with the wrong mother! Greed is a terrible thing and they will pay the price. Clair Hamilton (Gina Carano) returns from a Middle East tour to find her son Charlie missing.

Fueled by the news of Clair’s large inheritance in the wake of her dad’s recent passing, a local gang led by a figure only known as “Father” has kidnapped Charlie for ransom. Aiding her is one of the kidnappers that she captured (obviously under duress), who leads her on a perilous quest through the Alaskan Mountains. The odds are against her. She has to battle with nature in the form of a winter storm, men with guns, wild animals and a partner who isn’t on her side… a piece of cake.

Backed by veteran actor and Academy Award winner, Richard Dreyfuss, Daughter Of The Wolf welcomes rising star Gina Carano. Suspense and action abound, if you love great movies like me then click this link and enjoy.

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