Late Night – Diversity and Comeuppance

She thought that all she needed was a team full of white males from little league colleges but this woman shows her what she’s missing.

Mindy Kaling (playing Molly Patel) is a driving force in television and her foray into movies includes both creative influence and in front of the camera. In Late Night she is paired with Emma Thompson, an aging talks how host, growing increasingly detached from her audience as the long running show is becoming stale.

Late Night

Thompson’s character (Katherine Newbury) is faced with the crisis of the cancellation of her show due to slipping ratings. Her all-white, all-male staff has long produced out-of-touch material and unappealing guests… in fact it seems that Newbury is out-of-touch as she refers to her staff by numbers only.

The jarring news of her show’s cancellation prompts a hire at all costs diversity hire, enter Molly Patel which forms the basis for diversity hires. She had no experience in field, coming in as a quality controller at a chemical laboratory, but throw in a mix of good fortune, cunning, and a need for diversity hires… she lands the job. This is much to the dismay of her colleagues, an assemblage of male, white, misfits from elite colleges high on themselves, but low on esteem and it is leaking into the show’s writing. Rife with privilege these men feel as though they are in fact the ones being discriminated against. It is emblematic of the corporate world, where white male privilege is not seen in the forest among the trees. The character of Katherine Newbury adds fuel this world.

This film is topically written dealing with such issues as workplace bullying, ageism, affirmative action in the form of diversity hires, slut shaming; while staying course with humor. The resolution is an improved show. To watch more great movies check my source here.

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