Dark Phoenix – She Rose from the Ashes…Stronger & Evil…. Bye bye X-Men.

You always know to prepare for an enemy attack but when you are attacked by a friend, a person who you have grown to love, admire and trust, your world is turned upside down.

Jean Grey with former friends in 2016 X-Men

This is exactly what Marvel will show us in the 2019 X-Men Movie, Dark Phoenix, when Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), one of their own, threatens to destroy not just the X-Men but the very existence of our planet. Jean Grey was an Omega Level mutant even before she acquired the Pheonix Force, the fictional force in the Marvel universe which represents the immortal fabric of creation and life itself. With this power, Jean Grey acquires God-like status, and becomes more powerful than all the X-Men combined.

If you don’t take into consideration the crappy, Dark Phoenix poster, then you would share my belief, that the movie will be extremely entertaining and one of the most heartfelt, emotional and action-packed X-Men movies ever made.

The Crapy X-Men Dark Phoenix poster

The only person that can save the X-Men is the same person who wants to destroy them. So who will eventually get through to Jean Grey and stop her before she annihilates everyone? You’ve got to watch it to see. X-Men Dark Phoenix will be released Friday, June 7th and critics are questioning the inconsistencies in the progression of the X-Men film series.

Personally, I have given up on trying to understand how the series is supposed to flow and have resigned myself to not having closure.I commit myself to misunderstand the development of certain characters like Deadpool. I will continuously be unsure about when Jean Grey & Professor X are supposed to die. This enables me to retain my sanity and enjoy each X-Men movie like it has no prequel.

I never wonder anymore about the gross lack of consistency in the series and I am happy. You should do the same and allow Sophie Turner to entertain you in a way that she failed to in the last episode of Game of Thrones.

And of course, if you like to live vicariously, make sure to watch movies like this using this link. I do it all the time.

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