It is a story of mixed dualities and layered subplots, but there is a bigger takeaway.

Described as “better than average” Domino is an action thriller that almost wasn’t. Financial difficulties during production almost stopped the film from materializing after it was shot in Denmark almost two years ago and was heavily edited since.

Released fresh off his Game Of Thrones fame actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau stars as a Danish cop who through his own negligence ends up putting his partner in a compromising situation with a suspect Ezra Tarzi (played by Eriq Ebouaney). This leads to the death of this partner Lars, which in turn leads to a multi-layered international revenge-fueled chase involving terrorist organisations, sleazy CIA agents and off-book operations, and a flawed script.

The action sequences were electrifying and the strength of the supporting actors Guy Pearce and Carice van Houten, unfortunately the characters were not developed enough for us to build that emotional attachment, especially with main star who came across ineffectual.

The screenplay never fully comes together, but what I take most from it is a view towards a possible future of terrorism. Look beyond the main story of personal revenge and see the horrific aspect of made-for-tv acts of terrorism in a youtube and social media era. Jihadists plan cinematic shows of force and watch in awe of their work, conducting a dual live streaming both of the shooter and the victims is perhaps a taste of what to expect in the near future from the leading figures in terror inc. I can foresee suicide bombers, shooters, IED incidents and post trauma situations being live streamed for maximum impact. Never forget many of these entities are engaged in recruitment and fundraising drives and competing against each other…shock value is critical.

Think of social media as a force multiplier in their media campaign, and anyone can be an influencer, anticipate abductions of film producers and cameramen North Korean-style. The fall-out from this movie can be what the terrorist learn about the theatrics of their acts of horror.

The trailer doesn’t do justice to what this movie could be, for movies that live up to the excitement follow this link.

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