Game of Groans – Still not happy about the ending of Game of Thrones? Read this.

Game of Thrones episode 6 season 8 was dull, anticlimactic and a poor ending for a show that originally thrilled millions. GOT fans everywhere have been cheated with this rushed, slapped together ending that leaves you questioning if you are watching the same show that you fell in love with after Ned Stark lost his head. Game of Thrones was a story that broke the conventions of the fantasy genre, the hero does not always live and have a happy ending.

GOT 8-6

‘The Iron Throne’ however was an episode that was unrecognizable to the spirit of Game of Thrones. In fact, with the exception of ‘The Bells’, episode 5, season 8  was not entertaining in the least. The first two episodes ‘Winterfell’ and ‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’ were weepy and too drawn out. For such a short season the action should have begun from episode 1 instead of drawn-out reunions.

The season culminated with Bran Stark as the King, (where the F$%K did that come from) Sansa Stark as the Queen of the North , Arya Stark going to an expedition to find what lies west of Westeros, Jon Snow sentenced to the Night’s watch but reuniting and journeying with the people beyond the wall (Wildlings), and Daenerys Targaryen dead at the hands of Jon Snow.

This ending may have been a cinematic work of art if time was taken to develop the plot, I hope George R. R. Martin does a better job when writing the ending.

‘Iron Throne’ started where last week’s episode the ‘The Bells’ ended. Jon, Davos, and Tyrion are walking through the ashes after the massacre that Daenerys and Drogon left behind, they see the charred bodies of women, children, and men. Tyrion goes to look for his brother and sister in the direction where he told Jamie to escape. He is extremely emotional after he finds them both, he sees Jamie’s golden hand sticking out under the rubble, uncovers their bodies and mourns for them.


Daenerys makes her last address to her army, telling them thanks for their dedication and promising them further bloodshed and glory in the coming days. The imagery of Drogon’s wings almost superimposed behind her, gives a motif that Daenerys was indeed becoming a monstrous dragon herself. This does not sit well with Jon, Tyrion or Arya who watch her address with tight lips. In the end, Tyrion breaks the silence, flinging his hand of the king emblem to the ground and telling Daenerys she is a murderer. She, of course, knows of his betrayal with the release of Jaime Lannister, an action that cannot go unpunished. These actions, of course, land him in a makeshift prison cell, prisoners do not suffer long in custody; life typically ends with some high heat.

In the next frame, Arya appears next to Jon and warns him about Daenerys telling him “I know a killer when I see one” (as if we all did not see her murder the little girl who was holding the white horse and countless others, is Jon blind).  This is followed by Jon visiting Tyrion in prison and ‘The Imp ‘ tells him that he is the only chance to preventing bloodshed for future generations. Jon seems quite opposed to handling the situation as Tyrion conveys, which leads to a slight surprise when Jon plunges a dagger into his Aunt’s/lover’s chest, undoubted the opportunity was chosen as she was both distracted and muzzled by their kiss. In my opinion, Drogon took her death in stride, Jon’s lineage undoubtedly saved him the same fate as the Iron Throne. Bran has not ‘warged’ into Drogon as some would speculate…yet! Rather it must be accepted that dragons are extremely intelligent and Drogon is aware of the situation with Jon Snow as the rightful heir.

At the end of it all, Jon and Tyrion are imprisoned by the ‘Unsullied’ and ‘Dothraki’ for weeks until the arrival of the remaining lords and ladies of the kingdoms. Tyrion convinces the assembled Lords and Ladies  to make Bran the king of the seven kingdoms to which Bran replies, “What do you think I came all this way for?” (cheesy line) All agree and the seven kingdoms end up with the robotic Bran The Broken as their king. At the first council meeting, Bran only questions his council about the whereabouts of Drogon and then he leaves and I bet he already knows the answer to that question.

In the end, all seems well with the remaining main characters while fans are fuming.

In any case, my watch has ended!

Thank you for reading all of my reviews on Game of Thrones and if you want to watch content like Game of Thrones, click this link.  

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