Imagine Superman as a pre-teen sociopath!


That’s the premise of Brightburn. I had my doubts and wasn’t even going to create a blog story about this movie, but after watching a pre-screening I was so pumped that I HAD to start typing immediately. This is a suspenseful masterpiece, a thriller’s delight… Brandon aka Superman, but not superman as we know him; is downright scary. This is a film that merits its R-rated Horror designation, it was terrifying!

Brightburn is a small town in Kansas, where Brandon wreaks havoc unbeknownst to those closest to him until it is too late for them. Why do we always hurt the ones we love? Brandon lives by this, he kills the ones he loves. I mean, he has to right? How else would he “Take The World”? They are collateral damage in a world that doesn’t understand how one boy could have so much power.

I guess this is why we fear superheroes or supervillains, anyone with superpowers. This is the case in point. What would you do if you had that power? Would you Brightburn the world or be a savior? Find more great movies to enjoy like this right here.