Who’s ‘GOT’ the best mom?… Game of Thrones episode 5 on Mothers’ Day!

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The environment on Game of Thrones is extremely dangerous for the families of the realms, and sadly as Varys acknowledges, women and children face major tragedies most of the time because of the actions of tyrannical rulers. Nonetheless, the unconditional love that real everyday mothers have for their children is equally displayed on Game of Thrones. We witness undying motherly love from strong women on Game of Thrones. These mothers have different parental practices, are from different backgrounds and treat their children differently but they all love their children fiercely.

Game of Thrones Episode 5 season 8 will be released on Mothers’ Day (or is it Mother’s Day or Mothers Day) which makes this the right time to dissect the mothers on Game of Thrones and proclaim Who’s GOT The Best Mom.

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The Mother

#5 on the list is The Mother, one of the female aspects of The God of Seven. The mother represents nurturing and fertility, she is prayed to for mercy. An excerpt from The Song of the Seven below tells us a bit of what people in the Seven Kingdoms believe about the mother. 

“The Mother gives the gift of life 
and watches over every wife.
Her gentle smile ends all strife,
and she loves her little children.”

 If the mother is so sweet why does she capture the last place on my list? The fact is I don’t think she does a very good job. The other aspects of The Seven seem to be stronger than she is. Take a look at how Catelyn Stark, her son and unborn grandchild dies although Catelyn prayed to The Mother incessantly.  


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#4 Melisandre

Melisandre was definitely a mother with an evil agenda. She birthed a shadow, solely so it could become a murderer, this shadow killed Renley Baratheon as soon as it came into being. If this was not despicable enough, she also convinced Stannis Baratheon to sacrifice the best thing that ever happened to him, his daughter. Talk about evil, I’m glad she is finally dead. 

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#3 Cersei Lannister 

Cersei loves her children unconditionally, even when they kill, torment and display homicidal behaviors like Joffrey. However, for all of her love, she has terrible parenting skills and she placed her children in the horrible position of not having a claim for the throne because of her personal feelings towards her brother, and her disdain for her Baratheon king. Additionally, if the rumors are correct and Gendry is her son then she gave him away to be raised in poverty because of her hatred for Robert. 

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#2 Daenerys  Targaryen

Daenerys loves her dragons, she allows them to fly freely and eat whatever they want, she is protective of them and is deeply saddened when they die. So although she lost her human baby, she treats her dragon babies superbly, deserving the title Mother of Dragons.

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#1 Gilly

She is not a major character, is not immensely beautiful and has no title, but to me, she is the number 1 mother on Game of Thrones. Although her son was a product of incest, she fiercely protects him, she saved him from the white walkers and keeps him by her side throughout everything. Each action she takes is done with him in mind and congratulations to her and Sam as she is pregnant again. Little Sam has GOT the best mom!

What do you think of my list? Who do you think has GOT the best mom? 

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