The Last of the Starks and the first of the Starbucks Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4 was deemed unrealistic, not because of the fire breathing dragons, zombies, and fire resistant women but because of a Starbucks cup, which was left on the table during a scene at Winterfell.

Fans caught this error that the producers of the show missed (or did they) even after all their screenings and edits. GOT is one of the most scrutinized shows on television, so producers have to be vigilant. The executive producer of the show, Bernie Caulfield admitted that the cup was a genuine mistake. Fans seem to think that season 8 eight is filled with a lot of mistakes. But for sure in episode 4 GOT seems to be returning to its usual treacherous plots and sudden twist, one of the reasons that episode 4 is my favorite GOT episode in season 8 so far. In this episode we get a clue that two characters Varys & Tyrion are two of the most underestimated, powerful players in the game of thrones. Varys and Tyrion may ultimately be responsible for who claims the iron throne.

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