Game of Thrones: Episode 4 reveals that Tyrion will be responsible for Varys’ death.

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In  Game of Thrones season 8 we see a rift building between Varys and Tyrion. These two characters grew very close in previous seasons and have almost never disagreed. In fact, both Tyrion and Varys are extremely intelligent survivors and advisors. They both keep the other’s secrets, respecting and admiring each other. However, lately, it seems as though they are disagreeing about who should rule, Daenerys or Jon. Varys believes that Daenerys is quickly becoming a rash, unforgiving tyrant who regularly opposes the guidance from her advisors. He shares his thoughts with Tyrion who does not agree and seems concerned about Varys’ disclosures.

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Varys is not be underestimated he served many kings and has survived while they are all dead.

He is a master of manipulation and deception. He is able to calculate what may happen as he has a huge spy network that constantly feeds him information through what he calls his ‘little birds’.

Varys may seem subservient and unassuming but he is quite powerful.  In season 8 episode 4, we see Varys threaten the life and the crown of Daenerys. Since Varys learns that Jon has a claim to the throne he wants Jon to become the new ruler, he believes that Jon would be the better leader, although previously he seemed ready to support both Jon and Danny if they wed. However, in episode 4 we see that Varys no longer considers this union and does not believe that Daenerys will share the throne with anyone. He basically tells Tyrion that his support no longer resides with Daenerys as he believes she is a tyrant. He also tells Tyrion that Jon would be bent by Daenerys if they wed as he thinks she is too strong for Jon. Take a look at an excerpt of their conversation below.

Varys: “I have served tyrants most of my life, They all talk about destiny.”

Tyrion: “She’s a girl who walked into a fire with three stones and walked out with three dragons.       How could she not believe in destiny?”      

Varys: “Perhaps that’s the problem. Her life has convinced her that she was sent here to save us all”
Tyrion:  “And how do you know that she wasn’t?

Varys: “Then there is the problem of Jon Snow. Perhaps it’s actually a solution. You know them both. Tell me who do you think will be the better ruler?

Tyrion: “He doesn’t want this role, That’s why he bent the knee.

Varys: “Have you considered that the best ruler would be someone who doesn’t want to rule?

You can clearly see Varys is trying to get Tyrion to support Jon while Tyrion wants Varys to remain loyal to Daenerys. At the end of their conversation, we see that both have disagreed and that Varys indicated that he plans to set into motion, actions that may result in Daenerys being ousted.

Varys: “You know where my loyalty stands. You know I will never betray the realm. I will act in their interest no matter the cost.


Tyrion: So what happens to her? Please don’t.

These two characters should not be underestimated, both are intelligent ruthless and capable of unspeakable cruelty. But Tyrion’s last two words above have only been uttered by him once in this series. Tyrion said “please don’t” to Shae when she was testifying against him. When Tyrion says these words to Varys, the Lord of the Whispers looks a bit shaken as he seems to remember Tyrion saying this to Shae and he also remembers that Tyrion killed Shae.

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These two words have been used to Varys in episode 4 to indicate to us that Tyrion may betray their friendship in episode 5, which may result in Varys’ death. In the episode 5 trailer we see Tyrion approaching Daenerys who is standing alone. He looks as if he is about to tell her something important. This may be the scene where he betrays Varys as he may be the only character who does not underestimate the power of little birds and whispers. He will bring Varys out of the shadows he relies on and possibly into ‘Dracarys’.

What do you think will happen in episode 5? Let us know in the comments below.

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