The Longest Night – GOT Season 8 Ep. 3

Who Died, Who Was Undead?

Honest to God, I really wanted to enjoy Game of Thrones Episode 3, I couldn’t wait for it to be released. I welcomed the fighting and gore which would have contrasted with the sappy reunions and idle conversation that was so prevalent in GOT season 8 episode 1 and 2. But episode 3 really let me down, in a way that I never thought Game of Thrones ever would. After all my Game of Throne Predictions, I was deeply disappointed. First of all, the reason GOT fans love the series is it’s unpredictability, while Hollywood usually has a clean cut version of characters that will survive (usually major characters) GOT was different, it actually seemed like it was patterned after real life, (people die with all their plans unfinished etc.) So imagine my disappointment when none of the major characters died or were greatly affected in GOT episode 3. I think that so much more could have been made with the death of the Night King. I Believe that it should have been Jon Snow to deal the blow that unmade him, rather than Arya. This would set up even more tension between Dany and Jon for the final three episodes, on top of upcoming war with Cersei’s force. I would have made a few changes, but I am looking forward to episode 4. A list of those characters who died in the Battle of Winterfell:

Dolorous Edd

Dolorous Edd, Brother of the Night’s Watch died after saving Samwell Tarly

Lyanna Mormont

This character was crushed to death by the Wight giant, but not before she mustered to where-with-all to stab him in the eye with Dragon Glass. A fighter to the end.

Beric Dondarrion

Died for the final time protecting Arya Stark. The Lord of Light brought him back for a purpose and his purpose was fulfilled.


Died on her own terms by removing her amulet. She fulfilled her own death prophesy. She made herself somewhat useful by lighting things on fire, with limited tactical success.

Theon Greyjoy

Went out heroically in a full circle character arc. He died defending Bran Stark for Wights and the Night King specifically, and Bran’s eternal gratitude and respect.

Jorah Mormont

Died beside his beloved queen, protecting her with his last breath. I had hoped that he would have been part of the final battle.

Night King

Unmade by Arya Stark when she thrust the valyrian steel dagger into his chest. This action also doomed the other Wights in his wake.

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