Mortal Kombat 11 — Hype or Heap?

Games are trying more and more to monetize the game play experience, but in some cases, this drive for revenue generation has gone too far, such has been the complaint with Mortal Kombat 11 during beta testing.

With its highly anticipated release occurring on April 23, 2019, MK XI has not disappointed in the violence and gore department, with ever-evolving fight sequences. However, the major complaint has been the amount of effort needed to earn unlocks or you could spend real cash to earn virtual rewards. Overall, the reliance on commerce to enjoy the full experience of the Mortal Kombat game may be a sign of the future, but for me, it is not a welcome addition. This franchise is rightly hailed as the best single-player fighting game available, but this pay-for-play scenario is a major negative.

The cinematography is dramatic and amazing. The story tends to lose its way, but the fight action more than makes up for it. I am concerned that the business side may take over the gameplay and affect decisions…everything will become a business decision. If you are like me you are here for the fight and you won’t be disappointed.

The special hit sequences can fracture game play with its duration, but who cares we are here for the fatalities; which are freaking AWESOME! Please indulge yourself here:

For more information and quite frankly better and more comprehensive review please watch the video below.

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