What is the Truth of Nipsey Hussle’s Death?

“USA Laws Undermine the Safety of Ex-Convicts, their families and friends. These laws cause conspiracy and decrease faith in the media.”

Black history has been scarred with coordinated attacks against black leaders, neighborhoods, children and specifically against blacks males. It seems that any strong black male who becomes an influential catalyst for positive change in black societies while retaining black culture and not injecting more imperialistic views meets an untimely death.

Most of the time, you don’t even have to be a leader in America to have your life snuffed out by law enforcers. All you have to do is be the average unarmed black man. You could be walking while black, like Terence Critcher, or in your backyard while black, like Stephon Clark, or driving while black with your black girlfriend and her black toddler like Philando Castile.

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Statistics and history show that black lives are pointlessly lost in America daily either by the hands of law enforcement or sadly by other black males. But what about the death of the caring innovative, philanthropist, community leader and talented rapper, Nipsey Hussle? Was his fatal shooting a coordinated attack by “the man” to remove a pillar of ingenuity and a glowing example of success and business acumen from the black Crenshaw community?

Given the history of black American men, meeting their demise, the thought seems believable. There are several conspiracies that have been formed right now as Nipsey Hussle died at a time when he was on the cusp of releasing information about the death of controversial alternative medicine practitioner Dr. Sebi and was planning a meeting with L.A.P.D police to help curb black on black gang violence in the community. There is also the ominous final Tweet from Nipsey which said: “Having Strong Enemies is Blessing”. Additionally, Hussle was working to open a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Science) center in Crenshaw. Plus it is clear from Nipsey’s actions he wanted blacks to eat and live better, he wanted to see brothers and sisters prosper and he attempted in each way possible to provide help and hope to his community. He used his popularity to be an example to rappers everywhere on how they should interact with their community, to not only inspire the youth to be great but to also to actually give back to the people who put you there in the first place, your fans.

It seems all too coincidental to fans and fanatics that singer, Left Eye died while journeying to meet with the same Dr. Sebi in Honduras. To conspiracists, these deaths may be connected and a deeper reason behind the killing of Hussle is suggested while the dispute with accused killer Eric Holder who has since pleaded not guilty to the murder of Hussle, is pushed aside. I don’t blame conspiracist for their beliefs because history shows that black leaders at the cusp of black societal reformation have been snuffed out and Hussle’s ‘All Money In’ concept seems quite similar to the hopes of Malcolm X. We should not ignore the facts as over five activists who were tied to the protest in Missouri have died while another is being harassed and was even shot at while with her daughter, the situation seems taut. However, caution should be taken not to shroud the reality of this tragic loss in conjecture.

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The outweighing factors are that the killing of Nipsey is another example of the type of black on black killing that the rapper was working hard on the mic and in his actions to prevent. Plus the reaction of black communities to the rapper’s demise should be taken as a time to come together even if it is just in his name. Further, the circumstance should communicate to lawmakers that USA laws undermine the safety of ex-convicts, their families and friends. We can see in this case how these laws cause conspiracy and decrease faith in the media.

Nipsey Hussle’s brother Samiel Asghedom, reported to Fox news that Hussle’s clothing store hires mostly felons because they often have difficulty finding work. He blamed the fact that felons can’t carry guns for the way that Holder, was able to carry out the attack without fear of retaliation.

“Because of that, the man was able to shoot my brother, start running, realize nobody out there had a gun, stop, turn back around, walk up, shoot my brother two more times, start to run, realize nobody had a gun, nobody was responding, ran back up and shot my brother three more times, shoot him in the head and kicked him in the head and then ran off,”

“If somebody would’ve been there — if I would’ve been there — I would’ve shot back,” he continued. “I just wish I would’ve been there.” Samiel Asghedom

Nipsey Hussle’s life leaves much for us to study and replicate while his tragic death leaves us wanting to go into action. Nipsey’s life showed blacks how to break the barriers to success that are constantly shoved down the throats of those aspiring to great heights while his death reminded us of the extent enemies will go to extinguish your light.

Alotta niggas die young they never got to get old
Like Too Tall, Tiny Squeeze, Taca and S Dome
Don’t know if you hear me, lord these niggas tryna kill me
So if I chip em’ would you feel me
Now if you feel me, lord these niggas tryna kill me
If I was your child would I still be

Nipsey Hussle “Paid my Dues”

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