Most 14-year-old girls go to school, play a sport or two and constantly post selfies on IG and FB while trying to avoid their parents just enough to start exploring all the things that seem new and exciting. Marsai Martin, however, is no average teenage girl. Other than playing the role of the youngest sibling on the ABC show, Black-ish, the seemingly mature and out-going Martin is now hailed as the youngest executive producer of a major Hollywood film.

Starring in the movie which she conceptualized when she was ten, the CEO of her own production company, Genius Productions, where her father and mother are President and Vice President respectively, Marsai is well on her way to creating her dream of being known as an entertainer and entrepreneur. In a phone interview with Teen Vogue.

Marsai revealed that making her family proud is a continuous goal of hers and hopes to someday live in a world where there would no longer be historic firsts for marginalized communities.

‘Little’ debuts in cinemas on April 12th and the trailer promises that the comedy will be quite scintillating and funny. The trailer itself is very humorous and evokes peals of laughter each time I replay it ( I do this a lot). In the film, Martin plays the role of magically neanimorphic adult Jordan, which seems to be an easy task for Marsai as she naturally seems much older than she is. The adult version of the character Jordan is played by Regina Hall, this character constantly abuses and irritates her employees and the people she comes into contact with on a daily basis. The turning point for Jordan comes when she wakes up a teenager one morning after being threatened by an adolescent girl the day before. Teenager Jordan now has to depend on her assistant April, (Issa Rae) who she mistreated when she was was her adult self.

It goes without saying that April does not make it a walk in the park for Jordan, as the pent up frustration that she was storing because of adult Jordan comes rushing to the surface. Marsai seems very comfortable in her character and you can see her talent from just watching the trailer alone. There is no doubt that this 14-year-old girl is an amazing entertainer, tracking her career promises to be an absolute pleasure. If you need to laugh or you just want to take a look at the future of entertainment, watch the Little trailer and be sure to be in the cinemas April 12th when it is released.

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