Watch Free Movies Online

The wife and I were home alone (a relative rarity nowadays) and we started a challenge… who can find the site with the best free movies online the fastest? *Spoiler alert — she won. SHE WON (edited by the wife). Below I will show you how she cheated, I mean won.

She has a bit more practice than me, and it shows. Within 30 seconds she had a movie up and running, while I was fumbling with the browser and some phantom links. It was like she already knew the source… see cheated!

I don’t like to lose, but I have to acknowledge she had me beat, she went straight to this website and smoked me. Try it for yourself, you have access to not only movies, but books, video games, and music. I really couldn’t win anyway. It would have been a technical knockout.

They even have a free trial to test the full features of the site and all its content, I was blown away. It is truly a way to watch free movies online among other media. Signup was easy, with a simple credit card request to verify my age and identity for security and in about 3 minutes we were watching movies under the free 5-day trial. Here is my honest take:

  • They have very entertaining movies categorized by genre and it was easy to find the type of movies that we wanted, including New Releases.
  • They have tons of content for everyone, from kids to adults to even grandma. Everything works on your phone, tablet, computer and you can cross over to devices, that’s pretty amazing.
  • They even have New York Times Best Sellers and the best fantasy and romance novels among other types… perfect for passing the time away.

I am big enough of a man to admit when I lost, so here’s to you, my love… CONGRATULATIONS you won the challenge (this time). You really showed me how to watch free movies online. Next time, we will see who wins the challenge. I’ll catch you later, got lots more free movies to watch.

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