Dumbo fails to fly

This awkward, if you kept an eye on the latest entertainment news you will know that Dumbo has been severely panned severely by critics. By and large, they aren’t wrong, the film failed to do what its original did… connect with audiences emotionally. A key element of any good film is the way that it evokes emotions, whether it is sorrow, rage, fear, glee or any range of other feelings, this film simply washed the Mrs. and me over in apathy and a longing for that raw touching soul of the first movie.

This version’s filmmaker Tim Burton was either afraid (not a common occurrence) or inept in the softer touches to recreate the sentiments of the 1941 Disney classic. The memorable scenes of the heartwrenching separation of Dumbo and his mother have all but been muted in this 2019 remake.

I am just here to save you the time, You will be harkening back to those tormented times in gym class when yo…fun time, fun times; but seriously don’t waste a good evening. For a good time just go here for some real classic entertainment.

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